JOAD stands for Junior Olympic Archery Development, a program that provides archery instruction and competition for young archers across the U.S.A., and in foreign countries. The JOAD program is part of the National Archery Association (NAA), a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the sport of archery in the United States. The



The Riverside Archery Youth J.O.A.D program is open to all young people from 8 to 20 years of age and is designed to grow with the youth archer. We offer both recurve and compound archers the opportunity to learn range safety and proper shooting technique in an environment that also fosters focus, increased self-confidence, and team building skills. The program is run by NAA-Certified instructors and coaches. Through the JOAD Olympian Awards program, young archers can earn incentive awards as they develop and improve their skills.

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Cost-  $100 Monthly 




  • 4 group lessons Per month, 6 hours of open shoot time (non coached) and a new target face for each lesson.


  • Shop equipment is available for use during class sessions. Members are welcome to bring their own equipment. Compound, recurve and longbows are welcome.


About Coach Tom

I started in archery for the physical rehabilitation aspect of the sport and found a wonderful community of people.  I got hooked on tournaments and have never looked back. This sport is really all about the archers and exists because of the generosity of shooters that share both knowledge and time. I want to give back to this amazing community and watch our sport grow.  JOAD is the perfect way to help the next generation aim straight and hit life’s targets.


Tom's Equipment

BOW: 46# Hoyt ION-X Quattro carbon long limbs with Flex Doinkers
Arrows: Victory VAP V1 target 130gr. point with Beiter Asymmetrical pin nocks
Sight: Axcel Achieve RX Recurve Sight with AAE Gold fiber optic aperture.  
Stabilizer: Doinker Avancee with V bars
Rest: Shibuya Ultima Recurve Rest with Beiter Plunger
Grip: Jager Best 2.0 high wrist grip

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